Minor Leagues

Minor Leaguers Who Could Shape the Playoff Race

The purpose is to identify the players that are currently waiting in the minors that have the potential to impact a playoff race this season. If your team is out of contention, your favorite prospect will not be on this…

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Opinion Pieces

The Biggest Surprises of the 2018 MLB Season

Prior to the start of the season, many people around the game complained about the lack of parity in the game. When looking at the pre-season standings, it appeared as if the division winners were already set in stone. With such a top-heavy league in terms of talent, experts and casual fans alike expected to […]


The Twins Savior

The Twins were one of the most active teams this offseason. General Manager Derrick Falvey brilliantly waited until the around Spring Training to capitalize on players that were expecting far more lucrative deals. Then bargains, the Twins waited until March…

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